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Connecting the world from 22,000 miles away. That's Defining Possible.

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Northrop Grumman is applying its complete mission engineering expertise to provide protected military communications, commercial communications and the ground systems that help bring millions of people together every day.

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Protected Satellite Communications

We possess unmatched capabilities to provide complete systems that deliver assured, protected, unjammable military satellite communications.  The Arctic Satellite Broadband System employs our GEOStar satellite bus, carrying the Enhanced Polar Satcom-Recapilization communications payload and the control and planning segment that will ensure protected satellite communications to military users in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Advanced EHF Payloads


Northrop Grumman has been providing jam-resistant systems for military communications satellites for over 30 years. As the only company in the world with proven, truly protected Satcom capabilities, Northrop Grumman delivers secure, protected and survivable communications to help U.S. military services achieve information superiority.  Our Enhanced Strategic Satcom and Protected Tactical Satcom Demonstrators will prove out the next generation of assured communications systems that will serve the Nation for the next several decades.

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Commercial Communications Satellites

Northrop Grumman's GEOStar™ geostationary Earth orbit (GEO) commercial satellites are among the industry's best-selling small- and medium-class communications satellites. The world's leading satellite communications service providers rely on our lower-cost, highly reliable GEOStar satellites for their broadband, television broadcasting, mobile communications, business data networks and other telecommunications missions. Northrop Grumman is also an industry pioneer in the incorporation of civil and military hosted payloads on its commercial spacecraft.

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Ground Systems, Command and Control

We provide a full spectrum of command and control and mission planning capabilities to ensure complete mission success to commercial and military users. Our Enhanced Polar System Recapitalization (EPS-R) Control and Planning Segment (CAPS) ground segment provides critical command and control and mission planning to facilitate military satellite communications in the Earth’s North Polar Region. With ground design and software that supports continuous coverage at latitudes 65 degrees N and above, we are supporting the important missions of the Arctic users.

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