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Medium Caliber Ammunition

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Our medium caliber ammunition provides accurate, reliable, and effective defeat against a variety of targets. For more than 36 years, Northrop Grumman’s innovation in ammunition have led to the most cutting-edge defenses on the battlefield. Our expertise range throughout the full product life cycle; from design, to testing, and our next-generation autonomous production. The perfect partner in gaining superior overmatch, our ammunition fires from every caliber of Bushmaster Chain Guns.

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Advanced Ammunition: Defeating Impossible Enemy Threats

Today, we are looking to the future by creating a new family of medium caliber ammunition, which includes air-bursting, proximity, and guided munitions to provide greater precision and the ability to counter unmanned threats and to defeat advanced armor. Partnering with the U.S. Army, we’ve delivered the Mk310 Programmable Airbursting Munition (PABM), which counts the revolutions of the projectile to detonate precisely on target.

Also in partnership with the U.S. Army, we’ve developed the XM1211, a proximity-fuzed munition which senses when it is within the desired distance of a target, then detonates its warhead. Proximity-fuzed munitions are ideal for defeating small unmanned aerial systems.

Northrop Grumman is also developing a new guided munition which in addition to incorporating the company’s PABM and proximity-fuzed munition technologies, it will provide continuous in-flight maneuver capability to effectively guide the round to impact.

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Large Caliber Ammunition


Northrop Grumman’s legacy in design and development of large caliber ammunition spans over 42 years. This equates to over five million rounds of large caliber tactical and training tank ammunition delivered to the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps and allied militaries around the globe.

Our portfolio of 120mm training ammunition includes the M865 kinetic energy and the M1002 multi-purpose tank training rounds. The 105mm M724A2 is used for crew training on the Stryker Mobile Gun System vehicles. These training rounds closely replicate tactical ammunition in appearance and ballistic performance to provide the warfighter with an affordable, yet realistic training experience.

For tactical rounds, our expertise includes the 120mm M829, M830, M908, M1028, and the M1147 cartridges, all intended to defeat various targets from armor defeat to anti-tank. We continue to innovate for the future, with the M1147 Advanced Multi-Purpose (AMP) round; the next generation of 120mm capability destined for use on the Abrams Main Battle Tank. The AMP round consolidates four legacy rounds into one “smart” munition with multi-functional detonation capabilities, for the most effective defeat on any target.

Northrop Grumman’s large caliber ammunition ensures forces maintain battlefield supremacy and overmatch.

20mm Ammunition

20mm Ammunition


Northrop Grumman is a leading producer of 20mm tactical and training ammunition, delivering up to three million rounds per year for the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, NAVSEA, and U.S. Air Force. These rounds include the PGU-27, PGU-28, PGU-30 for the Air Force and NAVSEA. We produce the Mk244 ammunition for the U.S. Navy’s Phalanx CIWS (Close in Weapon System) as well as the M940 for the U.S. Army’s land-based version of the CIWS, the C-RAM system (Counter-Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar).


M1147 Advanced Multi-Purpose Round (AMP)

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