Giving Warfighters the edge in survivability

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Survivability is at the forefront of design, development and upgrades for Northrop Grumman weapon creation. It’s paramount that our warfighters are able to execute their missions effectively and reliably. Weapons navigate in harsh conditions and operate in the world’s most thermal extremes. Using the best materials science, our weapons are built to withstand environmental conditions and electronic threats to complete any mission.


Northrop Grumman’s AARGM-ER is a supersonic, air-launched tactical missile system, upgrading legacy Advanced Anti Radiation Guided Missile systems with advanced range to perform suppression and destruction of enemy air defense missions.

AARGM-ER is the most advanced system for pilots against today’s modern surface-to-air threats. It is able to rapidly engage land- and sea-based air-defense threats, as well as striking, time-sensitive targets.

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Artillery fuzes must be able to survive a gun launch. The fuze must be protected from: the G-force of the launch; the shock of the round leaving the gun; and temperature changes in flight. As it’s moving, temperature fluctuations can range from ambient to extreme heat and then cool rapidly while it’s moving.

Electronic fuzes are safe and reliable, making them increasingly preferred to legacy mechanical and electro-mechanical fuzes for the benefits they bring to modern weapons systems.

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Cyber Survivability

It’s no longer enough for a weapon to be merely cyber resilient, but be cyber survivable as well. Cyber resiliency ensures that a system, or the infrastructure on which it depends, can withstand and recover from an attack. Cyber survivability, however, is the ability for a system to fight through and continue its mission in the presence of a threat. Northrop Grumman has developed a wide array of survivable solutions that can withstand a punch from an adversary in any challenged environment.

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Safer Rocket Motors

Northrop Grumman was able to introduce all the safety benefits of Insensitive Missile (IM) technology and retain the rocket motor’s performance, without significantly changing the current design of the missile.

We made these motors to the exact size of rocket motors in the Hellfire Missile and GMLRS missile so the Army can improve safety without a redesign.