Electro-Optical and Infrared Sensors (EO/IR)

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LITENING Large Aperture Targeting Pod

Northrop Grumman’s electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensors give warfighters a 24/7 view of the battlespace

From surface to space, Northrop Grumman's electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensors harness the power of light to give warfighters a 24/7 view of the battlespace and the ability to deliver effects with unprecedented precision.


In the air, Northrop Grumman's passive imaging sensors use the visible and infrared spectral bands to provide spherical situational awareness, long-range precision targeting and protection from infrared-guided missiles – all without emitting detectable energy. Systems include the LITENING Advanced Targeting Pod, F-35 Electro-Optical Distributed Aperture System and, Infrared Countermeasure Systems.

military jet in sky

LITENING Advanced Targeting Pod

A multi-sensor targeting and surveillance system that enables aircrews to detect, acquire, auto-track and identify targets at long ranges.

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F-35 Electro-Optical Distributed Aperture System

Northrop Grumman’s EO/IR distributed aperture system (DAS) provides a 360 degree, protective sphere of situational awareness for the F-35 Lightning pilot. DAS warns the pilot of incoming aircraft and missile threats as well as provides day and night vision, fire control capability and precision tracking of wingmen and friendly aircraft for tactical maneuvering.

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infrared countermeasure system in lab

Infrared Countermeasure Systems

EO/IR technology is at the core of Northrop Grumman’s infrared countermeasures (IRCM) systems. IRCM refers to a variety of systems designed to protect aircraft from infrared homing (otherwise known as “heat-seeking”) missiles. These missiles are designed to lock onto heat, such as heat emitted by an aircraft engine, and steer the missile toward that energy. Infrared missiles are increasingly cheap, simple and dangerous — posing a major threat to military aircraft. Northrop Grumman designs and manufactures a number of unique IRCM systems designed to protect the warfighter.

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Land EO/IR

Northrop Grumman’s EO/IR suite of products, use advanced capabilities to provide a distinct warfighter advantage in deploying precision-guided munitions. Our systems are battle-tested and interconnect within the digitized battlefield to provide an overmatch sensor capability for a variety of missions.

handheld targeting device

Next Generation Handheld Targeting System (NGHTS)

NGHTS is a compact targeting device that provides unparalleled precision targeting from extended ranges and is capable of operation in GPS-denied environments. Connected to military networks, NGHTS can provide superior situational awareness and accurate coordinates for the delivery of effects from beyond the line of sight, no matter the conditions or type of environment.

NGHTS is capable of performing rapid target acquisition, laser terminal guidance operation and laser spot imaging functions. Its high-definition infrared sensors provide accuracy and grid capability over extended ranges. Additional features include a high-definition color display and day/night celestial compasses.

Laser Designator Rangefinder mounted on tripod

Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder with High Accuracy Targeting (LLDR-2H)

The LLDR-2H provides high accuracy and precision for target recognition, identification and location via multiple EO/IR sensors.

High accuracy targeting and imaging at extended ranges, enables LLDR-2H to shape the field of engagement by expanding the close combat zone.

Through its unique integration of leading edge technologies, LLDR-2H provides high-resolution sensors for fire-support target acquisition and reconnaissance missions. Interconnectivity within the digitized battlefield enables the operator to use LLDR-2H to quickly acquire, locate and designate high-value targets.

Space EO/IR

Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS)

Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS)

Space Tracking and Surveillance System (STSS)

Space Tracking and Surveillance System (STSS)

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