Joint Threat Emitter (JTE)

The threats are simulated. Your reactions won't be.

group of ground radars

JTE offers true warfighter training for combat pilots and aircrews

Northrop Grumman’s Joint Threat Emitter (JTE) provides a modern, reactive battlespace environment, designed to help train military personnel to identify and effectively counter enemy missile or artillery threats.

The JTE creates high density radiofrequency (RF) environments by transmitting RF signals that simulate both single and double digit Surface-to-Air and Anti-Aircraft Artillery radar systems and accurately trains combat aircrews to defeat or avoid Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS) around the world in a war-like training environment.

group of ground radars

A Robust and Ruggedized Mobile System

JTE is reactive to the aircrew/aircraft for fast-jet, fixed-wing and rotary-wing defensive measures, allowing it to easily be relocated and rapidly reprogrammed with new threat parameters. Each JTE can simulate up to six threat systems and multiple JTEs can be integrated and controlled in a coordinated manner to simulate hostile IADS. The JTE enables pilots to train against today's hostile treats, as well as a new generation of threats not yet identified.

JTE is a single system composed of two subsystems -- a Threat Emitter Unit (TEU) and a Command and Control Unit (C2U) – together, this singular system provides multi-threat training. The C2U can control up to 12 different TEUs and serves as the overall system command and control center. Additionally, the C2U can be deployed in two configurations: fixed within a range control center or mobile within a mobile shelter.

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Leader in Electronic Range Simulation Training

Known as a leader in producing electronic range simulation training systems, Northrop Grumman's JTE system is reliable, mobile, affordable, re-programmable, modular, remotely operated, and easily maintained. Northrop Grumman's JTE is the United States Air Force's program of record for Training Range Simulation.

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Joint Threat Emitter offers:

  • Realistic Training Capability - Train as you Fight
  • Multi-threat training from a single system
  • Advanced threat emulation capability
  • Multi-band, multi-modal, complex waveform radar system
  • Fully integrated IADS command and control emulation
  • Reactivity to aircraft maneuvers and ECM
  • Threat Reactivity
  • Complete debriefing capability
  • IFF tracking system (multi-player)
  • Optical Tracking
  • Complete Range Integration
  • Superior reliability & capability
  • Integrated Logistical Support (ILS)
  • Spiral upgrade capability

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