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Innovators in low-cost, highly reliable and precise weapons and ammunition.

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Northrop Grumman specializes in innovating low-cost, highly reliable and precise weapons and ammunition for artillery and mortar systems, medium-caliber weapons platforms, battle tanks and individual soldiers. The company is the world's top producer of medium-caliber ammunition and gun systems, and produces a complete family of large-caliber tactical and target practice ammunition.

We are also a pioneer in hardened electronics technologies used in weapon applications and produce precision guidance kits that employ a common technology base to transform conventional artillery and mortar munitions into precise, Global Positioning System (GPS)-guided weapons.

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Bushmaster Chain Guns and Automatic Cannons

Northrop Grumman's medium-caliber cannons boast unrivaled reliability and effectiveness. When paired with our exceptional training, services, certified accessories and warranties, the result is exceptional value and performance over the entire gun system lifecycle. The Bushmaster® Chain Gun® automatic cannons provide next generation, battle proven capability for a wide range of land, air and naval combat weapons platforms.

gun ammunition lined up in a row

Medium- and Large-Caliber Ammunition

The company is a leading producer of medium- and large-caliber tactical and training ammunition for U.S. and Allied militaries. Looking to the future to provide ammunition capabilities that increase the capabilities of weapon systems to meet peer and near peer threats, Northrop Grumman is at the forefront of developing new, advanced ammunition types that include advanced armor penetration, airbursting, proximity fuzed and multipurpose warheads for systems ranging 20mm to 120mm.

Medium caliber ammunition developments are on a path which includes airbursting and the creation of a new, proximity fuzed warhead for 30mm x 113mm ammunition that will provide greater capability for the Apache attack helicopter to engage air to ground and air to air targets. Once complete, the technology will be scaled to multiple medium caliber types to provide air, land and sea weapons systems with a precision, bursting warhead. The development of the proximity fuze also will lead to the creation of medium caliber guided ammunition that will provide the precision necessary to engage moving targets and defeat unmanned threats – both air and ground.

2021 Bushmaster Users Conference

<p>The Bushmaster Users Conference is a live fire demonstration that showcases the capabilities of Northrop Grumman’s Bushmaster® Chain Guns® and medium caliber ammunition.</p>

The Mk-44 Stretch Bushmaster Chain Gun | Bushmaster Users Conference 2021

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