Intelligence Community Engineering – Task Areas & Labor Categories

Project Manager

Persons will manage the projects/tasks and coordinate directly with other contractors and with the Government on requirements, project/task activities, schedules, milestones, accomplishments, issue and status.

Senior Engineer

Persons are task leaders responsible for requirements analysis, system engineering and design and task analysis activities and technical accomplishments, issues and scheduling. Produce detailed information on scheduling task activities, issue and concerns, delivery plans, prioritization of technical milestones and meetings.

Communications/Network Engineer

Engineering personnel who are responsible for designing and developing and directing engineering programs and activities. Requires knowledge of communications and related network designs involving communications channels, bandwidth capabilities, and computer interfaces with communications equipments.


Persons are responsible for performing actual requirements analysis, system engineering and design and technical activities. Also responsible for testing, raising issues, quality assurance and familiarization/CONOPS development. Also includes functional analysts with background in work being performed.

Senior Computer Engineer

Persons are task leaders responsible for implementation and code and unit test of databases and related application software and hardware and technical accomplishments, issue and scheduling. Produce detailed information on computer software and hardware, issues and concerns, delivery plans, prioritization of technical milestones and meetings.

Computer Engineer

Engineers are those people whose duties and responsibilities require comprehensive knowledge or complex engineering principles to support complex computer hardware and software designs and solutions. Engineers require a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related scientific field and a minimum of experience in the technology of the applicable task area.

Computer Scientist/Programmer

Personnel responsible for implementation and coding of software, and unit test of databases and related application and operational software. Produces software and software upgrades, including technical and information technology or business and management software. Person is familiar with and efficient in coding, including Web Design, the latest PC application software, and all of the latest aerospace and military application software and hardware.

Intelligence Analyst

Personnel responsible to perform work in supporting Intelligence data bases, analyzing intelligence information, preparing reports and briefing and reporting on Intelligence data. Works with C4ISR personnel, to simplify and define Intelligence data at classified levels of security. Works with Computer and communications personnel to define and report on issues, and design using classified circuits and reporting tools.


Engineering-technicians are those technical personnel performing work in support of engineering and/or development planning. Work typically involves the accomplishing of the technical tasks and direct inspection of system configuration and equipment. The work typically requires thorough knowledge of the theory and practice of the technical area assigned, including engineering knowledge, as well as the ability to perform a variety of administrative functions.

Engineer Technical Writer

Personnel devoted to producing technical documentation, technical reports and database information. Work typically involves working with all of the engineers and senior engineers, and producing databases or database upgrades, as well as writing, preparing and evolving reports and database software for operational usage.


Personnel whose duties include a full range of clerical and administrative functions. Typing, filing, machine operations (computer operations, accounting), printing functions and editing. This category consists of all the related skills required to process data, organize information and the results of the analysis.


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