NexGen — Next Generation Engineering


The Northrop Grumman Information Technology Next Generation Engineering (NexGen) Team is made up of some of the most competent and capable engineering experts in the industry who have been assembled to respond to the variety and magnitude of DISA/JIEO’s challenges.

We offer a powerful and forward reaching IT corporation complemented by a diverse team of companies; all determined to continue a proud record of exceeding customer expectations. Our NexGen Team continues a long-standing professional partnership with DISA, and will provide top-notch scientific, engineering, integration and technical services in each of NexGen’s task areas. The Northrop Grumman Information Technology NexGen Team provides the global reach, technical expertise, breadth of IT skills and proven management that is essential to making the Global Information Grid (GIG) an interoperable, secure, robust and timely information battlespace for our warfighters.

The Northrop Grumman Information Technology NexGen Team’s combination of systems engineering talent, accessible facilities and equipment, and proven DISA/JIEO experience and achievements in the DISA pillar programs sets us apart. Our key team leadership attributes are forward vision, careful planning, strategic partnering and decisive action. Our team includes world-class leaders in information technology, companies with specialized experience in providing leading-edge products and services to solve DISA’s most difficult systems engineering problems. Achieving the Joint Vision is all about defining requirements to stimulate change and also about creative solutions to satisfy those requirements and then managing the impact of their introduction. Our revolutionary thinking, dedication and exploitation of innovative approaches and emerging technologies provide DISA with assurance that our team will continue to deliver quality services and be a major contributor to successful mission execution. The Northrop Grumman Information Technology NexGen Team is DISA/JIEO’s Right Choice for cost-effective, technically sound systems engineering solutions — today and tomorrow!

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For additional quick response information and ordering procedures, please contact:

Susan Yochim
NexGen Program Manager

Michael Wolf
NexGen Deputy Program Manager

Jill Scheidhauer
NexGen Contract Manager

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Mailstop: 5S02
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