Seaport Next Generation (SEAPORT-NXG)


At Northrop Grumman, our mission is to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, delivering superior capability in tandem with maximized cost efficiencies. The security solutions we provide help protect our nation’s freedom and security, as well as the security and freedom of our allies. Meeting our obligations, fiscally and technologically, isn’t just a business goal, but a moral imperative. To that end, as we evolve as a company, the responsibility we feel for our country and the citizens and troops we help support grows with us.

Northrop Grumman offers an extraordinary portfolio of capabilities and technologies that enable us to deliver innovative systems and solutions for applications that range from undersea to outer space and into cyberspace. Our core competencies are aligned with the current and future needs of our customers and address emerging global security challenges in key areas, such as Autonomous Systems, Cyber, C4ISR, Combat Systems and Logistics, that are critical to the defense of our nation and its allies.

We believe our competencies are aligned with the current and future needs of our customers including evolving security priorities: global reach, improved intelligence, precision strike and missile defense. These competencies also address homeland security and large-scale civil information systems that enhance city, county and state government services.

The scope of Northrop Grumman’s work is vast:

  • Command and control systems
  • Large-scale intelligence information systems
  • Missile defense systems
  • Advanced radar systems
  • Civil government and public safety information systems
  • Satellites for a wide variety of missions
  • System sustainment, logistics support and training
  • High-energy laser systems
  • Health information systems
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles

We are defining future systems and their underlying technologies. We are developing the next generation airborne tanker transport, space radar and long-range strike aircraft bomber. Tomorrow’s first responders will use our advanced wireless broadband systems to get critical data fast. Our spacecraft, operating far from Earth, will help unlock the secrets of the universe. And we’re helping to define a nationwide health-information network architecture and other advanced information systems.

Autonomous Systems

In sea, land, air and space, Northrop Grumman is the recognized leader in autonomous systems. The depth and breadth of our platforms and technologies portfolio provide customers with a wide range of capabilities. Autonomous systems operate in areas where manned vehicles cannot, allow for prolonged missions, and help reduce risk to both national security and human lives.


Outpacing the rapidly evolving cyber threat spectrum demands constant innovation. Northrop Grumman, through aggressive technology investments in key research areas such as identity management, situational awareness, modeling and simulation, cloud security and supply chain, has a deep understanding of the breadth and complexity of cyber. Online threat levels race higher each day. Around the globe, information and networks are under attack from forces that are more sophisticated, more organized, more dangerous and better supported than ever before. While the usual hackers and criminals remain persistent challenges, the new threats now come from state-sponsored military and intelligence organizations, terrorists groups and international crime organizations.


Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance — better known as C4ISR. From leading-edge microelectronics to the largest, most complex system-of-systems in the world, Northrop Grumman’s C4ISR breadth, depth and ability provides first responders, intelligence gatherers, decision-makers and military personnel on the front lines with the tools necessary to act with speed and confidence.


Northrop Grumman delivers innovative logistics solutions enabling affordability, effectiveness and global mission readiness. From modernization and sustainment, to supply chain management, training and simulation, high-technology services and automated test equipment, we offer a full spectrum of support to meet any mission requirement.

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