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What are Cloud Assessment Services?

A cloud assessment is the first step in executing your cloud migration strategy. Northrop Grumman’s Cloud Assessment Service addresses the challenges associated with identifying applications for migration and securely migrating software and data to the cloud. It can help an organization examine its complete portfolio of applications and develop a roadmap for migration.

Each Cloud Assessment engagement consists of the following phases:

  1. Pre-assessment – The Pre-assessment phase allows Northrop Grumman to determine the scope of the Cloud Assessment engagement and gather the information required to provide a price to potential customers as well as determine necessary Subject Matter Experts necessary to assure quality information gathering.

  2. Cloud Assessment Input Data Gathering – During the Cloud Assessment input data gathering phase, the assessment team will deploy to the customer site in a minimally intrusive way to collect the information necessary for the assessment. Analysts and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will interview key customer IT resources, both technical and business, to learn about the IT environment and application portfolio being considered for migration to a Cloud environment.

  3. Cloud Assessment - Data gathered during the previous phase is entered into MApps2Cloud™ and is thoroughly examined by various SMEs for completeness. Initial recommendations are examined for conformity with requisite business, technical, and security requirements gathered during data collection.

  4. Recommendations Delivery – To close out the Cloud Assessment engagement Northrop Grumman’s Assessment team works with the organization to establish a roadmap for Cloud migration that fits the needs of the organization, adjusting for budget and future needs. The engagement is concluded with the delivery of a final report noting Cloud migration strategies for each application within their portfolio


The basic pricing for Cloud Assessment of a single application provides the perfect starting point for your cloud strategy, but we are pleased to provide custom pricing for your specific volumes and requirements at any time. For further information on pricing, please contact the resources below.

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