AN/TYQ-23 Mobile Command and Control Systems

AN/TYQ-23(V)4A Migrating toward an objective system & Migrated system benefits

in the News

Northrop Grumman Awarded Contract to Support U.S. Marine Corps Command, Control and Communications Facility for Tactical Air Operations

AN/TYQ-23 systems feature:

  • Modern, open-architecture hardware & software
  • Rapidly mobile, requiring reduced airlift
  • DII-GCCS compliant software (Common Operating Environment)
  • Reduced physical/electronic footprints
  • Common module set for any C2 applications
  • Readily configurable/scalable to C2 mission
  • Robust communication interfaces and assets
  • High-capability, reliable local area networking
  • Cost of ownership significantly reduced through lower life cycle costs
  • Flexible, expandable configuration meets nearly any GTACS (TYQ-23(V)5) or MACCS (TYQ-23(V)4A) operational requirement
  • JTIDS capability

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