Aircraft Survivability

Aircraft Survivability Equipment

‚ÄčNorthrop Grumman provides an affordable and comprehensive Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) suite to protect aircraft and aircrews from IR-guided/laser-aided missiles and unguided munitions. The suite includes an AN/AAR-47B(V)2 Missile Warning System (MWS) and an ALE-47 Countermeasure Dispense System (CMDS).

The MWS can detect, identify and alert aircrew to hostile threat. It automatically initiates countermeasures by sending command signals to the CMDS, providing the aircraft 360-degree, advanced multi-threat protection. The ASE suite includes a compact control indicator and cockpit display unit or may be integrated into a multi-function display.

The suite has a common display for all threats that reduces pilot/aircrew workload. It offers full advanced situational and tactical awareness, high probability of timely warning and a low false-alarm rate. The ASE suite has proven performance and reliability in prolonged and demanding combat environments, as well as low weight, cube and power consumption.

The integration and installation options include:
  • A-Kits: aircraft-specific fairings, brackets and cables
  • A-Kit and B-Kit installation checkout and test
  • IR modeling and simulation
  • Integration with radar-warning receivers and other systems
  • Ballistic protections systems
  • Portable test equipment and depot support

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