Border & Transportation Management

Drawing the line against terror

America's borders and its air and sea ports of entry offer a crucial line of defense against the movement of terrorists, prohibited cargo, drug traffic, and weapons of mass destruction into the country. Our trusted solutions create tough barriers against these threats - while keeping the flow of trade and legal traffic moving.

Combining advanced security technologies with state-of-the-art networking, knowledge management, and command and control capabilities, Northrop Grumman provides the integrated solutions needed to safeguard our borders, airports, and harbors ... protect the movement of people and trade ... and secure international supply chains.

Applying our proven processes, we offer solutions for:

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Design, integration, and installation of physical security and cyber security systems
  • Integration of security systems with law enforcement, public safety, national intelligence, customs, immigration, and other key data sources
  • Advanced surveillance, inspection & tracking capabilities, including our intelligent AlertVideo surveillance system
  • Passenger screening enhancements
  • Passenger-baggage reconciliation
  • Integration of sophisticated detection systems for biological, chemical, & nuclear materials
  • Geospatial imagery and systems for rapid analysis and decisions
  • Secure intelligent access systems, incorporating the most innovative security identification and authentication media
  • Personnel background checks using automated security screening and fingerprint processing for rapid, reliable results
  • Border, airport, and harbor security operations
  • Training of security personnel