Business Process Management

For Organizations Targeting Best Practices and Successful Outcomes

Organizations everywhere need to optimize processes and maximize their mission effectiveness. In the private sector responding to global competition, in public service responding to constituent demands, or in public safety responding to natural and man-made disasters, organizations need to streamline their delivery and put more value in the value chain and at lower cost.

Whether an organization seeks business process improvement through incremental change or seeks business process transformation to dramatically increase their efficiency, Northrop Grumman’s success with business process solutions provides a critical edge. Northrop Grumman has experience with diverse customer environments, advanced information technology, enterprise applications, and application integration – key ingredients in achieving best practices and successful outcomes.


  • Track Status Of Cross-Enterprise Activities
  • With Employees, Suppliers, And Customers Or Constituents
  • Drive Profits, Achieve Mission Objectives
  • Improve Business Process Efficiency
  • And Solve Problems Early
  • Eliminate Paper From Critical Procedures


Automate enterprise processes while eliminating paper-based forms and documents through the practice of Business Process Management. Review current process, evaluate technology alternatives, and implement business process solutions based on current enterprise applications.


Monitor Resources And Outcomes Enforce Standards And Achieve Best Practices Support Rapid Process Change And Business Agility Shorten Cycle Times And Time To Completion Reduce Operating Costs And Administrative Delays

Typical Business Process Solution with BPM

FORTUNE 100 Financial Management
GLOBAL PHARMACEUTICAL Companies Clinical Trials Automation
NEW YORK CITY Claims Processing & Payments
IOWA DOT Engineering Change Management
NAVAL SYSTEMS COMMAND (NAVAIR) Business & Mission Process Automation
FAIRFAX COUNTY SCHOOLS Education Assessments

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Orchestrating the interaction between departments and even between organizations helps generate significant return on investment. Northrop Grumman offers two commercial products that accelerate the deployment of business process solutions,


Organizations may seek small, incremental improvements to existing processes or major returns based on redesigned processes or restructured organizations. Process automation and management offers a range of opportunities to improve outcomes, achieve best practices, increase quality and reduce costs.