Countermeasures Signal Simulator

Countermeasures Signal Simulator

​The Countermeasures Signal Simulator is a lightweight test set that meets flight-line, ruggedized requirements to allow testing of all versions of the AN/AAR-47(V)2 missile-warning systems. With multiple operation modes, the CSS allows a dynamic operational test to verify missile warning function.

CSS is adaptable to future growth, including variable configurations. It has three spare modes and programmable output. The modular design supports hardware and firmware upgrades. Unclassified data is in key as delivered. If the user chooses to reprogram the key, additional key marking can be added. The proximity sensor restricts usage to flush mount.

CSS operates on AA commercial batteries, with no warm-up period required, and is both lightweight (3.5 lbs.) and compact (11 X 9 inches). The simulator, which has a separate standby/off switch, operates to -40 degrees Celsius using lithium batteries. CSS' built-in tests include low-battery indicator and operational BIT.

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