Decision Agent

Communications is a critical component of every military operation. Record messaging provides the means to pass orders and intelligence information to the officials that need it. Text based messages can no longer provide all the information needed to perform the mission.

Northrop Grumman’s Decision Agent™ (DA), an enterprise-wide information profiling and management portal, serves Defense Message System (DMS) and legacy organizational messages in large and small enterprises. The DA integrates high-performance applications on Windows® 2003, transferring millions of messages per month for defense, intelligence and civilian agencies.

Scalable to Meet the Mission

The DA features unmatched scalability, supporting the largest enterprise messaging requirements. It allows functions to be distributed across multiple servers, so it can be scaled to meet the mission, while operating as a single system, which simplifies back-up and fail-over. By using Type 2 Cryptographic Support Server (T2CSS) hardware Fortezza® encryption, the DA can support thousands of organizations on a single system. Advanced encryption ensures timely message processing and delivery, based on priority. The DA is further scalable by deploying small, single-node DAs or Tactical DAs. These cost-effective systems extend web-distributed, Fortezza-less service to boundary users, so forward deployed field and maritime commands can communicate with backside users, even when enterprise connections are unavailable.

Continuous Operations

A proven enterprise solution, the DA offers geo-clustered configurations featuring automatic failover should a hardware malfunction occur. In addition, the DA is in use for Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP), with near real-time data replication, whether alternate sites are across town, or around the world. It is the proven solution for more than 99.9 percent uptime required for command and control messaging, ensuring no message is ever lost.

Flexible Connectivity

DA acts as a messaging gateway, for secure communications with a range of back-side systems. This flexibility allows agencies to incorporate existing systems into the network and use Northrop Grumman’s DA Secure Transport (DST), SMTP/ SMIME, CMI, or Encrypted Virtual Control Protocol (EVCP) encrypted network connections in addition to legacy Mode I/II serial connections to communicate with other messaging systems, automated information systems, news feeds and more.

New Features and Functionality

Enhanced Addressing – Users can easily and quickly locate addresses from the DMS directory (DIT) with the DA’s addressing functionality. An enhanced search tool helps users find specific organizations. A map function lets users select locations of interest and narrows searches to that region.

Enterprise Encryption Enhancements – The DA’s new Managed Service Provider (MSP) technology is faster than ever. The DA is DISA Core/PRT certified for GENSER operation and DIA ITA PL3 certified for Defense Special Security Communications System (DSSCS) operations.

Community of Interest – Northrop Grumman’s MailRoom™ profiling engine now supports Common Operating Infrastructure (COI), making it easy to ensure that messages reach those who need to know.

DA Secure Transport (DST) – The DST transports Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-secured Extensible Markup Language (XML)-formatted messages between back-end systems and the DA. It guarantees message delivery and addressing updates to remote system and clients. This capability is specifically designed to work with low bandwidth connections.

Enhanced Communications Gateway System (ECGS) – The ECGS supports up to 128 Mode I and II connections, enhancing the DA’s ability to serve large enterprises.