Enhanced Communications Gateway Server

Legacy Record Messaging provides the backbone of military communications both within the US and with our allies. Many of today’s systems are becoming obsolete, with hardware no longer able to be supported, and software that cannot be migrated.

An off-the-shelf legacy communications gateway, Northrop Grumman’s Enhanced Communication Gateway Server (ECGS) automates message preparation and handling and enables broad interoperability between disparate commu-nication systems. This store-and-forward switching system converts legacy message formats, such as between ACP-127 US, ACP-127 NATO and ACP-128, and other formats.

ECGS’s messaging tool features a graphical user interface, which is easy to learn and use. Using Microsoft’s Windows® 2008 R2 operating system, the ECGS will run on single or multiprocessor systems, ranging from desktop support to enterprise messaging. ECGS offers a low-cost solution to legacy message communications at any level. It can be used as a standalone product or with the integrated Northrop Grumman MailRoom™ Profiler to enhance filtering and content-based distribution.

Certified and highly secure, ECGS is approved by Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). The ECGS is the legacy message switch for the National Gateway Center (NGC) at the Pentagon. ECGS automatically translates between numerous communication protocols and message formats, so users no longer need to be concerned about the requirements of the message recipient. It is in use across DoD, intelligence and civilian communities to assure continuous communications, at multiple security levels, between and among the armed services. ECGS supports multiple operator access for simultaneous message service operations with an intuitive user interface and automation support. It can be configured for either autonomous operation, automatically servicing message originators on message errors, or full support, where service operators correct and forward messages.

ECGS Features


  • AUTODIN Mode I and II
  • SMTP
  • TCP-IP
  • Disk-file based
  • 8-512 ports scalable
  • Crypto-device support

Message Formats

  • Generic text messages
  • Fleet broadcast
  • DD-173 (Canadian DND-1507)
  • JANAP-128 (ACP-128)
  • ACP-126, ACP-126 MOD
  • DOI-103, DOI-103 Special, ACP-127S
  • ACP-127 (U.S., Canadian and NATO)


  • AUTODIN Mode I block-by-block
  • TTY
  • AUTODIN Mode I continuous
  • CSP Messaging Interface (CMI)
  • Fleet broadcast
  • DA Secure Transport (DST)
  • STE auto-answer
  • EVCP

Data Rates (BPS)

  • Asynchronous: 45.5-19.2K
  • Synchronous: 45.5-64K
  • Message Conversion - Operations
  • PLA-RI lookup and conversion
  • ACP-126 conversion
  • Collective address expansion
  • PLA/OS support
  • Sectional message combining*
  • E-mail dissemination
  • Queue safe (never lose a message)
  • Automatic service messages
  • Ship-shore, ship-ship operations
  • NATO messaging support

* In conjunction with Northrop Grumman’s MailRoom™

Multi-Port Gateway

  • High speed PCI co-processors
  • Scalable Up to 512 ports
  • Software controlled
  • 45 bps - 64 Kbps
  • Internal-external clock
  • Adjustable control leads (RS232, Mil-188)
  • Tactical – enterprise

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