Fast File Transfer

Sending information quickly, reliably and securely – whether it is seismic data from 15 miles off the west coast of Africa or video and still imagery taken aboard an aircraft carrier – isn’t as simple and safe as it seems. Yesterday’s technology is slow and unreliable, and it’s not secure.

A Better Way to Transfer Large Files

Northrop Grumman’s Fast File Transfer (FFT) software is a secure, faster and more reliable alternative to the Internet’s standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Unlike FTP, FFT is designed to reliably transfer multi-gigabyte files over networks with high latency or high connection dropouts (> 1 per transfer) or high retransmission rates (> 4 per hour) – typically wirelessor satellite-based IP networks. A COTS product, FFT overcomes these challenges and provides better security and fast, reliable file transfer on any kind of network connection.

Full and Efficient Use of Bandwidth

Using a patent pending transfer algorithm, FFT efficiently and fully utilizes available network bandwidth. FFT allows users to decide how much of the available bandwidth to use for file transfers. This is especially beneficial when sharing a satellite link with other users.

What FFT Customers Have to Say

“We need to transfer image and video files, typically between 300 MB and 1 GB in size, from many remote locations. With FTP, our transfer failure rate frequently exceeded 30 percent. Now using FFT for all of our transfers, we have not experienced a single transfer failure.”

“FFT is an inexpensive, efficient and COTS solution for moving large compressed video files from ship to shore….”

FFT – A Proven Solution for Today’s Challenges

Designed to reliably transfer large (> 1 GB) files over satellite-based IP networks, Northrop Grumman’s FFT is a proven solution. Secure, fast and efficient, FFT is the reliable alternative to FTP.