Identity Management

Smart security solutions keep enterprise assets safe

Our integrated identification and authentication solutions protect people, property, privacy, and privileges around the globe. From employee identification cards to homeland security, these trusted solutions provide:

  • Secure smart identification
  • Ensured authentication
  • Secure intelligent access
  • Surveillance and inspection systems
  • 24/7 monitoring, audits, & controls.

Our state-of-the-art Center for Smart Security Solutions showcases these technologies, originally developed to protect high-security assets of the defense and intelligence communities.

Biometrics and Technology

Northrop Grumman has driven advances in security technology for some of America's most sensitive information assets and logical and physical environments. Biometrics. Smart Cards. Encryption. Firewalls. Physical security. Northrop Grumman has become a leading force in all of these areas and more. Today, we're leveraging this leadership in our smart security solutions, which incorporate unique technologies, tools, and processes.


Our smart security solutions are on the job worldwide. Employing the most advanced identification and authentication technologies available, they offer a proven approach for safeguarding:


Anywhere security is under siege.....Northrop Grumman will be there. Controlling access to classified environments and critical IT infrastructures. Validating cargo and baggage to move swiftly through ports. Keeping personnel records safe from prying eyes. Supporting first responders with instant emergency information. And helping to secure our borders with authentication and criminal identification systems.


Choose several. Or choose them all. These eight building blocks cover all the bases of identification and authentication. We call that smart security. The more elements you deploy, the smarter your security -- and the wider your protection.

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