Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder 2H (LLDR 2H)


In the news: Northrop Grumman Receives Award to Upgrade US Army Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder Systems

High accuracy targeting at extended ranges,combined with long-range imaging, enables LLDR 2H to shape the field of engagement by expanding the close combat zone and winning the beyond range-of-sight battle.

Through its unique integration of technologies, LLDR 2H provides high-resolution sensors for fire-support target acquisition and reconnaissance missions.

Interconnectivity within the digitized battlefield enables the operator to use LLDR 2H to quickly acquire, locate and designate high-value targets.


  • High accuracy targeting
  • Tactical see spot
  • Terrain sketch
  • Target location accuracy indicator displayed in the eyepiece and over the network
  • Day/night/adverse weather target acquisition
  • Designation of stationary or moving targets at extended ranges
  • Athermal diode-pumping technology
  • Modular

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