Link Management System (LMS)

Modern tactical data links provide superior surveillance, command and control, secure voice, jam resistance and security functions, combined with high throughput, granularity and capacity. However, these powerful capabilities lead to complexity and present a greater challenge to reliable network performance.

Northrop Grumman developed the Link Management System (LMS) for Link 16 to provide Joint Interface Control Officers (JICO) and other network managers with rapid planning, dynamic management and accurate analysis of theater communications during real-world operations.

The LMS displays the real-time tactical situation. Other displays depict the status of each network participant and overall network health. The system automatically alerts operators to existing and potential problems at a glance using green, yellow or red color coding. Users can customize displays to drill down into details of network performance and identify participants experiencing problems. This enables JICOs to detect and overcome conditions that prevent a reliable tactical image and to record operational data for later analysis.

During deployments in Kosovo, Afghanistan, the Persian Gulf and Operation Iraqi Freedom, the LMS proved to be an excellent ally when warfighters needed information during operations.

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