Omnibus Multidiscipline Engineering Services (OMES)

Omnibus Multidiscipline Engineering Services  

‚ÄčNorthrop Grumman is a subcontractor to Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) and provides services for development and validation of new technologies for future space and science missions at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). Work includes program management, mission architecting, systems engineering, design, development, fabrication, integration, testing, verification, and operations of space flight, airborne, and ground system hardware and software. The contract supports both the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) and the Satellite Servicing Projects Division (SSPD).

Northrop Grumman's primary support is for the SSPD, which builds upon our more than twenty years of experience servicing the Hubble Space Telescope.
The SSPD exists to:

  • Advance the state of robotic servicing technology to enable the routine servicing of satellites that were not designed with servicing in mind
  • Position the United States to be the global leader in in-space repair, maintenance, and satellite disposal
  • Help to enable a future U.S. industry for the servicing of satellites

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