PASS 3-D Spectrum Analyzer

Detailed 3-D views of a collected spectrum

Northrop Grumman’s 3-D spectrum analyzer is a lowcost alternative to traditional spectrum analyzer hardware. The 3-D Spectrum Analyzer is a software file-based analysis tool providing animated, 3-D graphics of power spectral density (PSD) functions of raw, sampled IF data. The 3-D Analyzer is integrated with the company’s Parameterizer and Analysis Software System (PASS) toolset.

Key Features

  • Reads sample data files (MARTES or PASS format).
  • Computes user-selectable PSDs of an entire data set
  • Displays each PSD as a 3-D frequency waterfall
  • User-selectable min./max. amplitude scaling
  • Rapid repositioning of PSDs within file of any size.
  • Allows time and frequency measurements on display.

For seamless offline analysis, 3-D Analyzer accepts digital sample data stored on disk and loaded by the operator or from PASS. As the file is extracted, 3-D Analyzer automatically calculates PSDs and stores them on disk. At the same time, it displays the first frequency waterfall PSD set.

PSD processing time varies, based on the size of the sample file and the PSD. Typical computing time is 20 seconds for a 250 MB file and a 4K FFT. Computing times scale linearly with the file size.