Palletized Weapon System (PaWS)

The Palletized Weapon System (PaWS) is a rapidly reconfigurable collection of sensors, communications and weapons that can be installed onto most medium- to heavy-lift aircraft.

PaWS includes enhanced electro-optical/infrared targeting sensors, a trainable 30 mm cannon, precision-guided munitions, advanced communications and a networked mission management system. These modular modifications provide end users the ability to execute intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, strike, and mobility missions in support of deployed forces.


  • Northrop Grumman GAU-23 Bushmaster® 30 mm cannon
  • Precision-guided light munitions
  • EO/IR targeting sensor
  • Carry-on cockpit displays
  • Carry-on weapon control/consent/fire
  • Carry-on or roll-on mission console with embedded fire-control system for the sensor operator (single weapon system operator station dedicated to weapon system)
  • EW support/SIGINT equipment
  • LOS and BLOS video datalinks
  • Digital video recorder
  • Stand-alone power supply

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