Radiation Analysis and Testing

Northrop Grumman Survivability Engineering specializes in the test and analysis of semiconductor devices and materials for satellite, aircraft, and ground applications, in both natural and enhanced environments.

Northrop Grumman offers radiation characterization of a variety of electronic components - including analog, digital, and mixed signal devices - with quick turnaround and at very affordable prices. With over 20 years of experience in the field of radiation testing and analysis, Northrop Grumman can select the best approach to satisfy your requirements.

Our basic rad testing offers the following services utilizing both internal and external facilities:

  • Single Event Effects
  • Proton Effects
  • Neutron Effects
  • Prompt Dose
  • Total Ionizing Dose / ELDRS
  • Radiation Testing of Die using our ARACOR X-ray irradiator, probe setup and flexible on-line parameter analyzer system
  • Design and construction of DUT board
  • Post-rad anneal
  • Electrical characterization pre-rad, post-rad, and in-situ.
  • Short report and data

Other services include:

  • Space Radiation Environment Analysis - Detailed shielding analysis
  • Determination of anticipated dose within shielded boxes for given orbital parameters
  • Radiation Transport Analysis of transmitted dose and buildup factors from the transport of alpha, beta, gamma-rays, protons or neutrons through shielding material.
  • Specialized Test Equipment (STE) design and development
  • Sample preparation
  • Software Development
  • Full test reports including system impact modeling and compliance determination and certification

Analytic expertise includes:

  • Space Environment Analysis (Charging, Plasma Effects, Atomic Oxygen, Ultraviolet, MMOD, radiation transport)
  • Mitigation techniques (including EDAC, filtering, latchup suppression, shielding modification, TMR)
  • PMPCB services
  • Weapons effects testing and analysis
  • Expertise in relevant software includes CREME96, NOVICE, SPENVIS, SPACERADIATION, ORDEM2k, and SRIM/TRIM

Survivability Engineering offers consultations ranging from Semiconductor Physics to Systems Engineering.