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Northrop Grumman has assembled a strong Rotary Wing Aviation sustainment and training capability primarily focused today on international customers. Our approach is to offer solutions ranging from a completely integrated sustainment and training support or to tailor individual solutions based on the customer requirements, experience and aircraft.

We have formed two highly capable joint ventures to focus on providing this critical aviation support in the Middle East. Northrop Grumman Aviation Arabia (NGAA) and Vinnell Arabia (VA) are two premiere Limited Liability Companies with extensive experience and success in the Middle East and specifically, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have supported the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) Modernization Program for over 38 years and continue to partner with SANG as they increase their aviation assets and capability. The SANG Aviation Program includes mission support services that encompass management services, aircraft maintenance, aviation logistics and supply chain management, institutional training, flight operations and base support operations and services. Our reputation and experience creates the ideal environment for success on this exciting and rewarding mission.

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