Space Weather Analysis and Forecast System

Predicting the effects of space weather

For integrated meteorological data, Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial entities rely on satellite communications and global positioning systems, which are impacted by space weather events. The Space Weather Analysis and Forecast System (SWAFS) represents the latest technology and modeling available to forecast the magnitude and duration of these events.

As prime contractor for SWAFS, Northrop Grumman assists the Air Force Weather Agency (AFWA) in creating products that analyze and predict space weather to show their impact on military operations. SWAFS enhances forward theater commanders’ situational awareness, specifying and forecasting unfavorable effects of space weather on DoD communications and weapons systems.

Support for More Capable Analysis

Space weather forecast and analysis functions are fully integrated into AFWA’s infrastructure, leveraging existing resources.

Northrop Grumman continually improves SWAFS by integrating upgraded and new space weather models. To successfully integrate these models, the company maintains close collaboration with academia and national laboratories researching space weather.

Northrop Grumman conducted a detailed analysis on the selection of the next-generation data-assimilation models used to specify and forecast the ionosphere. The results were presented with a roadmap on the potential implementation of models the space weather community is developing. Assessing near-term data sources for these models from ground and space-based sensors comprised a significant portion of this analysis.