Spectrum Analyzer Software System

Part of the PASS family of interactive ELINT tools, Northrop Grumman’s Spectrum Analyzer Software System (SASS) is an advanced software spectrum analyzer display. A low-cost alternative to traditional analog spectrum analysis equipment, SASS collects and converts IF data to digital samples, calculating and displaying the power spectral density (PSD).

An all-digital signal processing system, SASS can run on any commercial workstation or laptop running LINUX or Solaris software.


  • Real-time sample data collection. Conversion of analog IF input to digital samples
  • Real-time spectral analysis display. Similar to a commercial, analog spectrum analyzer with all-software PSD calculation. Decimation and PSD averaging keeps up with real-time data rates.
  • Falling Spectral Waterfall Display. Displays PSD as a function of time, colored by amplitude.
  • Persistance PSD display. Emulates phosphorus decay of an analog scope display. Signal PSDs persist on display for a noticeable time period.
  • Interactive parameter measurement:
    • Signal frequency, amplitude and bandwidth
    • Sidelobe power deltas
  • Variable FFT sizes to 65K
  • Continuous PSD display with step mode option. Steps through PSDs individually for fine grain measurements.
  • Collection bandwidths to 80 MHz
  • Works in conjunction with PASS or ITAS. Provides additional analyst screening displays.