VisionMaster FT Naval Radar


Recognizing the needs of military customers, the VisionMaster FT series of Naval Radars has been specially developed by Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine to provide advanced navigational support for the toughest military assignments.

By combining the navigational features and functions found in the VisionMaster FT standard ARPA with enhanced features and high performance configuration, VisionMaster FT Naval Radars offer exceptional military capabilities without the high cost associated with most Naval Radars.

VisionMaster FT Naval Radar capabilities

The Naval Radar improves reaction time by simplifying the detection of a potential threat. Red First Strike quickly identifies fast moving targets with up to 600 knot tracking. The Target Intercept feature allows the planning, execution and interception of fast moving targets. Intercept smugglers, terrorists or device search and rescue missions with the Intercept function; the course and speed required will be immediately calculated and displayed on screen for rapid decision making and reaction.

The Naval Radar provides several key features including: helicopter approach, station keeping, freeze frame, blind pilotage, Electronic Support Measures (EMS) and Asynchronous Secondary Radar input.


Using enhancements in technology, the VisionMaster FT X-(I)-band naval transceiver has been developed to act as a centralized distribution unit for radar synchronization. The availability of a wide range of inputs and outputs allows the VisionMaster FT Radars to interface quickly and easily with other onboard systems without using multiple interfacing units thus reducing the complexity of the system and associated costs.