IUID Resource Information Paper

21 September 2005

SUBJECT: Information Paper on Resources for IUID Implementation

PURPOSE: To provide resource and information links to enable stakeholders to leverage existing resources to understand and comply with IUID requirements.


General IUID Information:

1.       OSD IUID website – the most comprehensive website for information on item unique identification, including policy, guidance, data submission instructions, implementation tools, working group material, and FAQs.

2.       UID 101 – The Basics – this document provides a high-level overview of item unique identification.

3.       DoD Guide to Uniquely Identifying Items – this document provides a comprehensive overview of IUID, including the environment and need for IUID, the requirements to establish uniqueness through serialization, the business rules (Appendix C), and the mechanics of IUID (Appendix D).

4.       DFARS Unique Item Identification and Valuation - Final Rule (DFARS 252.211-7003)- The final rule was published April 22, 2005, in the Federal Register, Volume 70, Number 77.  This rule sets forth the requirements for IUID. An update was published on June21, 2005.

5.       Tips on Constructing the UII – this document provides guidance on how to get the correct IUID data elements onto the item in the right way in order to be able to retrieve them from the item.


Detailed IUID Information:

6.       Guidelines for the Virtual Unique Item Identifier – For Government Furnished Property and serialized legacy items in operational use and inventory, a “virtual” unique item identifier (UII) may be used to register the qualifying item, while the physical marking of the item is delayed until a future trigger event.

7.       Guidelines for Engineering, Manufacturing, and Maintenance Documentation Requirements – these guidelines provide suggested methods for minimizing the non-recurring engineering costs associated with incorporating IUID marking requirements into technical documentation.

8.       Contract Pricing and Cost Accounting – this memorandum outlines the treatment of costs related to compliance with DFARS 252.211.7003, which sets forth the IUID requirements.

9.       Supplier Implementation Tools – a generic set of implementation tools and guidance is provided for industry.

10.   DoD Program Manager Guidance – a number of documents have been created to assist DoD programs in developing implementation plans for IUID.

11.   Data Submission – this link is to the Data Submission section of the UID website.  It provides information for submitting the data to the IUID Registry, as well as directions for using either Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) or one of the other interim submission methods.  The Registry can be found at http://dodprocurementtoolbox.com/page/overview/data-submission/

12.   IUID Toolkit – this toolkit provides roadmaps for suppliers, program managers, depot managers, and warfighters to learn about IUID.  The content is organized for each group of stakeholders to easily find the necessary information they need to implement IUID. (The toolkit is currently under construction)

13.  DoD Unique Identification Implementation Plan for DoD Maintenance Depots - this document highlights the requirements that the DoD Depots must meet, suggests preferred ways to meet those requirements, and discusses roles and responsibilities.


Other Resources:

14.   DAU Rapid Training – This site provides a detailed presentation of Item Unique Identification.

15.   IUID Introduction Video – Paul Krumhaus from the office of the Product Manager, Joint Automatic Identification Technology, explains the DOD policy regarding Item Unique Identification.

16.   DAU/ACC UID Community of Practice (COP) – The UID Special Interest Area provides a collaborative space where relevant and current official and other UID program information will be posted, and implementation experiences can be shared.  This site also captures information on IUID Solution Providers who have joined the COP. (This can be accessed at https://www.acc.dau.mil under Special Interest Areas.)

17.   GSA - GSA has established a Special Item Number (SIN) for UID and RFID under the 81 IB schedule, number 617 13, under the standing solicitation number 2FYB-DJ-05-0008-B.  Contact Carol Brown, 212-264-9577 or Nicholas Uom, 212-264-4784.

18.   MIL-STD-130L,Change 1 – this is the latest approved military marking standard, which addresses IUID marking requirements, as referenced by the DFARS.


Industry Associations:

The following associations were consulted on the development of the IUID guidance and have assisted in the communication to their member organizations:

19.   Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) (including "AIA Partner to Prime IUID Data Exchange Guideline")

20.   National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)

21.   Government Electronics & Information Technology Association (GEIA)

22.   Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility (AIM Global)