Lachlan Daley, Graduate Systems Engineer loves the impact he has so early in his career

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Lachlan Daley

Tell us about your background.

I started like a lot of others in the Defence industry, with a passionate interest in aerospace and an obsession with space. Born and raised in Queensland with dreams of working for NASA inevitably led me to completing my bachelor degree in Electrical and Aerospace Engineering at Queensland University of Technology. As the first person in my family of 12 to go to university, I always get asked the hard questions at the dinner table.

Describe your career at Northrop Grumman Australia so far.

It started in late 2020 as an intern on the JP2008 program delivering a satellite ground station and network management system to the Australian Defence Force. I am now a full-time graduate systems engineer preparing to take on a fast-paced project which will modernize the data link processors on Royal Australian Navy ships.

What makes Northrop Grumman Australia different/special?

I think the relationship Northrop Grumman Australia has with our colleagues in the USA is special, as there is a wealth of collaboration and ideas going both ways across the Pacific. As a young engineer, having the opportunity to collaborate with our US counterparts is a great experience and exposure to the bigger picture.

What has been the highlight of your career so far at Northrop Grumman Australia?

Being among a small group of people using new tools and developing the process has been a big highlight of my career so far. In my six months as a graduate, I have been able to assist in creating processes and procedures which will help shape how systems engineering is done at Northrop Grumman Australia going forward.

What advice would you give someone considering joining Northrop Grumman Australia?

Northrop Grumman Australia is really a community of brilliant, friendly people that just happen to create great solutions. If you are considering joining Northrop Grumman Australia bring a smile, some passion for the industry, and get ready to make some great relationships.

What does Defining Possible mean to you?

To me defining possible means that nothing is impossible. We love a challenge and have the people that can make anything possible, no matter what.

What do you do in your spare time?

You will catch me informally studying linguistics (which really just involves a lot of looking at my tongue in the mirror and making weird noises).

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