Counter Hypersonics

Defeating Speed with Speed. That's Defining Possible.

Counter Hypersonics

Pulling across the full gamut of strike weapon development to intercontinental missile defense solutions, Northrop Grumman applies its work in connectivity, advanced propulsion, composites and full-cycle development to its counter hypersonic solutions. From threat detection to location tracking, the Northrop Grumman team offers the comprehensive solution to intercept a hypersonic threat.

Northrop Grumman plays at both ends of the spectrum, a leader in advanced weapons and a leader in missile defense. This unique position allows the company to stay ahead of adversarial threats by leveraging its legacy in franchise missile defense programs, in-house target vehicle testing and the latest technologies from its highly capable weapons systems.

The result: one comprehensive, end-to-end kill chain solution.

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Northrop Grumman and our teammates are working together on groundbreaking solutions to detect, track and defeat hypersonic missiles in various phases of flight.

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Missile shooting into the sky at night

Missile Defense

Northrop Grumman develops and builds some of the world’s most advanced command systems, interceptors, space sensors, directed energy weapons and testing systems that ensure protection against traditional ballistic and hypersonic threats.

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Twilit sky in space with a bright star and streak arching over Earth

Next Generation Interceptor (NGI)

Protecting America from an incoming intercontinental ballistic missile attack is a complex task involving radars, space sensors, interceptors and a robust command and control system that must work as one. Our nation’s interceptor program is one of the most critical systems serving to protect everyone living in the United States every second of every day.

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Rocket on launch pad at dawn


Leveraging over six decades of flight-proven propulsion and using advanced technologies, Northrop Grumman is an expert and leading provider of solid rocket motors for U.S. strategic weapon systems that support national defense, the civil space industry for human spaceflight and scientific exploration, and commercial launch service providers.

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Dark lit sky in Space with a preview of Earth's surface

Ground-based Midcourse System

The GMD Weapon System processes data from multiple sensors to identify and characterize the inbound ballistic missile threat, plans the best defensive solution, and launches the intercepting missiles to negate the threat.

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Interceptors and Targets

Northrop Grumman is a leading provider of interceptors and targets used in the test and verification of the nation's missile defense systems.

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