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Northrop Grumman brings more than six decades of experience as prime contractor and strategic partner on mission-critical missile defense programs. Our end-to-end missile defense heritage is defined by flight-proven ground systems, battle management, command and control systems, missile interceptors and test targets that verify their efficacy. As the threat landscape evolves, we bring innovative technologies, agile processes and advanced manufacturing to produce reliable, effective solutions that protect the nation against ballistic and hypersonic threats.

Understanding the ThreatDetect, Track and DiscriminateCommand and ControlMitigate the Threat

Understanding the Threat

Northrop Grumman plays a role at both ends of the field, a leader in advanced weapons and missile defense. This unique position offers an unrivaled understanding of the full scope of missile threats and powers our ability to stay ahead of the adversarial curve. 

We provide advanced modeling and simulations that simulate the complex threats posed by our adversaries and deliver test targets that offer operationally realistic scenarios to test our nation’s missile defense capabilities and prove they will be effective in the event of an attack.

Target Vehicles

Detect, Track and Discriminate

Leveraging data analytics and multi-source fused intelligence inputs, we deliver mission capability inside our adversaries’ decision loops to provide warning of an impending attack. Our networks of advanced sensors, satellites and ground systems detect, identify and track missile threats from their earliest stages of launch through interception, providing threat discrimination algorithms and fire control support to target incoming missiles.

Our end-to-end capabilities equip the warfighter with a better view of the battlespace, providing information overmatch and enabling quicker decisions. 

Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor Satellites

Command and Control

Northrop Grumman delivers next-generation C2 capabilities that enable commanders to make synchronized decisions about threats at any range, in any phase of flight, from any location in the world.

Command, Control, Battle Management and CommunicationsIntegrated Battle Command System

Mitigate the Threat

The culmination of our expertise in advanced weapons, targets and countermeasures, and proven propulsion underpins our ability to deliver missile interceptors that defend the homeland against hypersonic and sophisticated ballistic missile threats.

Glide Phase Interceptor

Our Advantage

Two women look at a computerized image

Digital Transformation

Leading the digital transformation revolution in defense capabilities to develop and field systems faster and stay ahead of adversaries.

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Decision Superiority

Ensuring warfighters have netted all-domain awareness to enable decision superiority, no matter the environment.

solid rocket motor test fire

Propulsion Performance

Building on more than 60 years of proven performance to continue pioneering in solid rocket propulsion, providing leading-edge, affordable, low-risk solutions for our customers.

Our Expertise

Northrop Grumman pioneers the most advanced solutions across all domains to protect the world.

Missiles being intercepted by other missiles

Ground-Based Midcourse Defense

Rendering of counter hypersonics

Counter Hypersonics

Propulsion System test

Propulsion Systems

mission payload off the back of a transport aircraft

Threat Representative Targets

satellite antenna

Ground Systems

Space superiority begins and ends on the ground.

Next Gen OPIR Polar (NGP)

Next Gen OPIR Polar

LGM-35A Sentinel taking off

Sentinel - Ground Based Strategic Deterrent

rendering of earth from space

National Security Space

Defense Support Program (DSP)

Defense Support Program

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