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XM913 50mm Bushmaster Chain Gun

50x228mm Bushmaster® Chain Gun®

Provides increased lethality, accuracy, and range for stationary and fire on the move capability.

front of Bushmaster 50mm

The largest medium caliber chain gun we produce is the 50mm Bushmaster® Chain Gun®.


  • The XM913, adopted by the U.S. Army, is an evolution of the Mk44S and Bush III cannons for ground platforms, firing 50mm x 228mm ammunition.
  • The XM913 is the cannon designated as the primary weapon on the U.S. Army’s Next Generation Combat Vehicle.
XM913 Datasheet

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The XM913 Bushmaster® Chain Gun® Developed for the U.S. Army's XM30 Mechanized Infantry Combat Vehicle

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Bushmaster Chain Gun

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