Miniature Precision Strike Munition

Hatchet is Defining Possible

Hatchet is a six-pound, miniature precision strike munition enhancing lethality and reliability to manned and unmanned aerial platforms. Ideal for use on Group 2-5 UAVs, or integrated with missiles, Hatchet uses GPS to precisely guide itself to a target and its payload rivals those up to 500-pound class weapons. 

for fielding,

in GPS-degraded environments

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Increase Payload
capacity with small form factor


The size, accuracy, and lethality of Hatchet is optimal for use on all aircraft, but specifically enhances unmanned aircraft missions.

Hatchet aircraft platform agnostic infographic

Hatchet Data Sheet

Multimode Adaptive Fusing

Multimode Adaptive Fusing infographic

Hatchet in the News

Hatchet inside an Unmanned Aircraft Systemin the air

Hatchet: Arming Unmanned Aircraft to Strike as Well as See

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Unfinished Business

We’re enlisting researchers across Northrop Grumman to help us define Hatchet for the future.
Precision strike device in air (artist rendering)

Ready Now: Hatchet Completes Live Drop Testing

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