AN/ALQ-131(V) Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) Pod

electronic warfare pod

Revolutionized through digital technology

The AN/ALQ-131 Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) pod is the most successful ECM system ever built. Northrop Grumman has fielded more than 1,600 ALQ-131 pods, which used state-of-the-art technology to successfully protect aircrews and aircraft in every conflict since becoming operational.

To stay ahead of new and emerging threats with advanced capabilities, Northrop Grumman revolutionized the ALQ-131 through the insertion of digital technology. The architecture is a derivative of technologies from the most capable fighter aircraft, including F-16 Block 60 and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. This upgrade does not change the pod's size, weight or power requirements; neither does it induct any mandatory aircraft modification.

close-up of electronic attack pod

Demonstrated benefits of the ALQ-131(V)

  • Detects and identifies known, emerging and future threats in a dense, complex threat environment with accurate parametric measurements
  • Defeats threat system by applying the optimal coherent and/or non-coherent jamming technique
  • Increases Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) by a factor of three
  • BIT effectiveness greater than 95% with 90% confidence of isolating the fault
  • New Growth Interfaces (Mil-STD-1553 and Ethernet) to facilitate communication with other on board systems.
  • RF Compatibility with modern AESA radars
  • Significant improvement in MTTR
close-up of electronic attack pod

The ALQ-131(V) provides next-generation capabilities and performance

  • Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM)
  • High sensitivity digital receiver
  • Modern high-speed processors
  • High fidelity digital technique generation
  • Improved reliability by reducing total number of parts by a factor of three. Improved sustainability through modular design.
  • Reduction in life cycle cost

Northrop Grumman's capabilities in electronic warfare (EW), full-spectrum cyber and electromagnetic maneuver warfare (EMW) span all domains — land, sea, air, space, cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum.

The company has a long and successful legacy in the art and science of electronic warfare, having developed and delivered offensive and defensive systems and aircraft for more than 60 years. We also have more than three decades of experience designing and operating cyber systems.

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