Sustainment and Modernization

Sustainment and Modernization

Delivering uninterrupted mission readiness. Enabling mission success.

The goal of logistics, sustainment and modernization is uninterrupted mission readiness to enable mission success. Period.
Boeing E-3 Sentry

Keeping Fleets Flying Across the Globe

As a trusted partner for a wide-ranging portfolio of global customers, Northrop Grumman understands the complexity of our customers’ missions. Uninterrupted mission readiness is at the core of our approach: delivering information and capability to our customers that enable their platforms to perform at optimum levels for the long term. We have the expertise, we have the facilities, and we are innovating to efficiently and affordably ensure mission readiness is maintained at all times and around the world.

Northrop Grumman provides sustainment and modernization support for customers across the globe and on a wide array of platforms.
Global Hawk in hanger

Many Platforms, One Mission

Northrop Grumman has provided full lifecycle support on a wide array of platforms, programs and weapon systems for decades, with a proven history of delivering thousands of safe flying hours and keeping our customers’ fleets mission ready.

We provide sustainment and modernization support that includes: contractor logistics support and fleet stewardship; modifications and upgrades; mission planning, weapon systems development and pilot training; as well as software design engineering and integration solutions. 

Platform agnostic, we support autonomous, tactical, fixed wing and special mission aircraft systems and platforms, including:  E-8C Joint STARS; Global Hawk; F-35 Lightning II; B-2 Bomber; A-10 Thunderbolt II; BACN E-11A; P-3 Orion and more.

NG worker at Aircraft Maintenance and Fabrication Center

Delivering Program Excellence

Northrop Grumman has delivered heavy aircraft program depot maintenance (PDM) from our Aircraft Maintenance and Fabrication Center, located in Lake Charles, Louisiana for close to 30 years. The AMFC is the Northrop Grumman Center of Excellence for maintenance, repair, upgrades and overhaul of military aircraft, with hundreds of PDM on-time and on-budget deliveries to the warfighter. AMFC is home to 700 professionals who have performed over 15 million hours of direct depot maintenance work on numerous aircraft in support of customers across the globe.

Sunset View of F-5 with pilot looking at F-5 and the Sunset

Beyond the Platform

Northrop Grumman’s maintenance and sustainment work isn’t just limited to air platforms. We also deliver a broad array of support services for the systems that support these air systems and the missions they perform, including: ground systems, shelters, and radars; support and test equipment; network infrastructures; mission planning and pilot training; and, more.

Advanced manufacturing Engineer wearing hard hat and electronic glasses

Harnessing Innovation to Maximize Availability and Affordability

We are investing in technology innovation to deliver improvements in operational efficiency, forecasting, performance and affordability.  We are pioneering digital transformation to automate processes, workflows and analytics to deliver improved logistics support. We have automated and streamlined processes that track the full sustainment lifecycle to ensure transparency, accuracy and accountability.  We are leveraging virtual and augmented reality in our maintenance training and operations to improve efficiency, quality and performance and to reduce dependency on operational assets.  And, we utilize robust, accelerated engineering to enable and significantly reduce time on repair, maintenance and overhaul.

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Military plane on tarmac getting serviced

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NG worker at Aircraft Maintenance and Fabrication Center

Delivering Uninterrupted Mission Readiness with Sustainment and Modernization

E-8C JSTARS aircraft sitting on ramp In Lake Charles, LA

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U.S. Air Force plane rests on runway

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Lake Charles Facility

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CBP P-3 patrol aircraft on ramp.

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Northrop Grumman Continues Joint STARS Sustainment and Modification Work for US Air Force

U.S. Army fixed wing aircraft RC-12X Guardrail in hangar

Northrop Grumman Wins $750M Contract to Perform Upgrades, Modernization and Integration on the US Army’s Fixed Wing Airborne ISR Fleet

Interior of hanger with white jet looking head-on

Northrop Grumman Awarded BACN Platform Maintenance Contract for $265 Million

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