AN/APG-78 Longbow Fire Control Radar

Military helicopter flying sideways

Combat-Proven Force Multiplier

Developed and fielded for the AH-64D Apache, the AN/APG-78 LONGBOW Fire Control Radar (FCR) is a combat proven force multiplier. LONGBOW FCR has repeatedly demonstrated its operational capabilities to dramatically increase Apache's mission success. LONGBOW provides aircrews with decisive situational awareness, beyond maximum engagement ranges, for diverse roles and missions.

Radar on top of Apache Helicopter

Longbow's Primary Combat Targeting Modes

The FCR's primary combat targeting modes include Ground Target Mode (GTM), Air Targeting Mode (ATM), and a new Maritime Targeting Mode (MTM) for the AH-64E. These modes provide rapid detection to engagement timelines. The FCR performs wide area search, precise detection, location and classification of up to 256 simultaneous moving and stationary targets. From these, the system then prioritizes the top 16 targets for immediate evaluation and, if desired, engagement by the aircrew. This system enables the potent Apache attack helicopter to prosecute targets day or night, in adverse weather and obscured conditions.

Additional modes include Terrain Profile Mode, which significantly aids aircrew situational awareness to avoid terrain and large obstacles under degraded environments, including weather and battlefield conditions; and Target Location Cueing to the Apache's Modernized Target Acquisition Designation System (MTADS) for positive target identification.

In addition to the new Maritime Targeting Mode, other significant advanced capabilities provided to the AH-64E include: Doubling target detection ranges from the original 8 km to 16 km (4X increased detection volume) - further extending crucial situational awareness; 360 degree surveillance and single target track across land, air and sea missions and improved detection of smaller unmanned aerial vehicles.

military helicopter in air with radar installed on top

Proven Capability

The LONGBOW FCR provides high performance with very low probability of detection or intercept. High system reliability and two-level maintenance provide high operational availability with low support costs.

Developed and built for the U.S. Army by LONGBOW LLC, (a joint venture with Lockheed Martin), the FCR has been purchased by 13 allied nations around the globe.

LONGBOW FCR provides a proven capability, unmatched by any other Attack Helicopter. Designed, demonstrated and continuously improved to ensure critical Apache Mission Survivability and Lethality.

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