Manta Ray

Uncrewed support for long-duration undersea missions, going where humans can’t.

Artist’s concept of Northrop Grumman’s unmanned underwater vehicle, Manta Ray

Extending Undersea Excellence

Northrop Grumman has been pioneering capabilities in the undersea domain for more than 50 years. Now, we are creating a new class of uncrewed underwater vehicles (UUV) with Manta Ray. Taking its name from the massive “winged” fish, Manta Ray will operate long-duration, long-range missions in ocean environments where humans can’t go.

prototype of uncrewed underwater vehicle

Advancing UUV Technology

We developed our unique full-scale demonstration vehicle using several novel design attributes that support the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA’s) vision of providing ground-breaking technology to create strategic surprise. Manta Ray is:

  • Payload-capable to support a variety of missions
  • Autonomous, without the need for on-site human logistics
  • Energy-saving, with the ability to anchor to the seafloor and hibernate in a low-power state
  • Modular, for easy shipment in five standard shipping containers to support expeditionary deployment and in-field assembly world-wide
motor craft boat on water

A Leader in Uncrewed Systems

From unmanned aerial vehicles and underwater mine hunting systems to defense readiness targets, Northrop Grumman is a leader in autonomous systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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In the News

Manta Ray vehicle being lowered into the ocean using cranes.

Beneath the Surface

prototype of uncrewed underwater vehicle in water

Manta Ray UUV Prototype Completes In-Water Testing

prototype of uncrewed underwater vehicle

Northrop Grumman Completes Assembly of Manta Ray Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle

computer generated unmanned underwater vehicle

Engineering Imitating Life

Artist’s concept of Northrop Grumman’s unmanned underwater vehicle, Manta Ray

DARPA Selects Performers to Build, Test Manta Ray Unmanned Underwater Vehicles