Business Ventures

Northrop Grumman’s business ventures provide strategic products and services, and focused development in key technology areas. They are discretely managed to maintain operational freedom, creativity, ingenuity, low costs and rapid response.

four technicians working in a lab

AOA Xinetics

A leader in developing challenging, mission critical electro-optical and opto-mechanical systems.  
Engine Diagram

COI Ceramics

Leading the world in advanced ceramics and fiber.
two technicians working in a lab

Cutting Edge Optronics

A leading supplier of state-of-the-art laser diode arrays and laser system hardware.  
employee working in microelectronics lab


A leader in designing, fabricating and delivering microelectronics to the military, aerospace, and commercial markets. 
two planes flying

Scaled Composites

Exploring uncharted aerospace.
man in clean suit holding mirrors

Sonoma Photonics

A leading in advanced thin film technologies and products for mission critical applications.
solid state laser materials and components


SYNOPTICS is the industry leader in the manufacture of solid state laser materials and components.