Defining Possible

We are a pioneering company. Every day, at Northrop Grumman sites around the world, we are questioning, problem solving, designing and building our way toward Defining Possible.

Defining Possible tells the story of a company leading the way. It’s an ethos that is future-driving and optimistic. It is a rallying cry and a uniting call.  It is a shared purpose for our employees and a promise to our customers that we’ll rise to any challenge.

See for yourself what Defining Possible looks like. It’s in the faces of people solving the toughest problems. And it will carry us further than we’ve ever gone before.

What drives us at Northrop Grumman.

Defining Possible is at the heart of everything we do – compelling us to solve the challenges everywhere from below the waves to above the atmosphere. Whether it’s an autonomous submarine that detects mines without putting lives at risk, digital walls that protect physical structures, the world’s first stealth bomber or the universe’s most powerful space telescope, we are driven to do what others think cannot be done.

Working together with people from many backgrounds, personal passions and disciplines, we push the boundaries of advancement through science, technology and engineering.  If you share our drive to define possible, Northrop Grumman careers and internships are as varied as your interests, with a lifetime of potential that will give you every opportunity to do your best work.



The next chapter; defining our iconic brand.

We’re excited to share our new brand with you. It was designed with the people of Northrop Grumman in mind. The people who push the boundaries of what’s known and who  Define Possible every day. It reflects the pioneering spirit of our employees – a spirit that pushes us onward and upward in pursuit of what matters most.  Learn more >


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