Northrop Grumman: Did You Know?

man stepping onto the moon
men working on spacecraft
Northrop Grumman heritage company logos
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Flying wing plane
man stepping onto the moon
three male actors on film set
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Unmanned plane flying above hurricane
Construction of a sports stadium
Postage stamps of two airplanes
Man in suit
rocket ship taking off
men working on spacecraft
large radar antenna
large plane on tarmac
man in airplane
spacecraft in space
skyline of New York City
Mars rover
men working on spacecraft

The “Did You Know?” section highlights some of our past, present and possibly future historical moments generated from the successful integration of more than 20 marquee companies that are now part of today’s Northrop Grumman

For example, did you know:

  • Both Marilyn Monroe and Bill Gates worked at one of our heritage companies?
  • An episode from the Star Trek television series was filmed at our Space Park facility?
  • We supplied the navigation and pointing aids for NASA’s Mars Rovers?

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Northrop Grumman and the Robert J. Collier Trophy

Throughout our history, Northrop Grumman, our heritage companies and our industry partners have been honored to receive the Collier Trophy on several occasions. Northrop Grumman congratulates our employees and team members for the success of these programs and their role in the security of our nation and its allies.

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