Our Heritage

Northrop Grumman is a result of the integration of more than 20 pioneering companies across aerospace, technology and defense industries, each with their own unique history of Defining Possible.

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Our history goes beyond the companies founded by Jack Northrop and Leroy Grumman.

From Teledyne Ryan’s Spirit of St. Louis and Grumman’s Lunar Module to Westinghouse’s first radars and Scaled Composites’ groundbreaking SpaceShipOne, these heritage companies have achieved countless historic milestones. We’re honored to carry on their legacies as we pioneer a new path forward.

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Northrop Aircraft Incorporated

A leading designer and manufacturer of strikingly original aircraft, this company pioneered the Flying Wing concept, which culminated in the B-2 stealth bomber.

Founded in 1939

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Grumman Corporation

A premier military aircraft systems integrator and builder of the Lunar Module that first delivered men to the surface of the moon.

Merged with Northrop in 1994

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Westinghouse Electric Corporation

(Defense and Electronics Business) A world leader in the development and production of sophisticated electronic systems for the nation's defense, civil aviation, and other international and domestic applications.

Acquired in 1996

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Logicon Corporation

Provider of military and commercial information systems and services to meet the needs of its national defense, civil and industrial customers.

Acquired in 1997

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Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical

A world leader in the design, development and manufacture of unmanned airborne reconnaissance, surveillance, deception and target systems.

Acquired in 1999

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Litton Industries

A global electronics and information technology enterprise, and one of the nation's leading full-service design, engineering, construction, and life cycle supporters of major surface ships for the U.S. Navy.

Acquired in 2001

engineers working on early space craft

TRW Incorporated 

A leading developer of military and civil space systems and satellite payloads, as well as a leading global integrator of complex, mission-enabling systems and services.

Acquired in 2002

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Scaled Composites

An aerospace and specialty composites development company with broad experience in vehicle design, tooling, and manufacturing; specialty composite structure design, analysis and fabrication; and developmental flight test.

Acquired in 2007

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Orbital ATK

A global leader in affordable, reliable and innovative space, defense and flight systems that are designed to enable national security, civil government and commercial customers to achieve their critical missions.

Acquired in 2018

Additional Acquisitions: 1998-Present

  • Inter-National Research Institute (1998) — Specialists in command and control, tracking, data fusion, and mapping.
  • California Microwave Systems (1999) — Specialists in airborne ISR systems, ground-based satcom systems, gateway systems, and mission planning.
  • Data Procurement Corporation (1999) — Providers of IT services and support to the DoD and various intelligence agencies.
  • Comptek Research Incorporated (2000) — A supplier of electronic warfare and information dominance technologies.
  • Federal Data Corporation (2000) — A leading systems integrator and supplier of information technology.
  • Sterling Software Incorporated (2000) — Provider of information technology services to defense and intelligence agencies.
  • Aerojet General’s Electronics and Information Systems Group (2001) — Manufacturer of spaceborne sensors for early warning, weather and ground systems; builder of smart weapons technology.
  • Fibersense Technology Corporation (2002) — Designer and manufacturer of precision fiber optic gyroscopes, inertial measurement units, and sensor components.
  • XonTech (2003) — Science and technology firm specializing in missile defense, and sensor and intelligence data analysis.
  • Illgen Simulation Technologies (2003) — Specialist in software development and test, navigation and communications.
  • Integic Corporation (2005) — An IT provider specializing in enterprise health and business process management solutions.
  • Essex Corporation (2007) — Provider of signal processing services, products and advanced optoelectronic imaging for intelligence and defense.
  • 3001 International (2008) — Provider of geospatial data production and analysis, including airborne imaging, surveying, mapping and geographic information systems.
  • M5 Network Security (2012) — Provider of a broad range of cybersecurity and other professional services.
  • Qantas Defence Services Pty Limited (2014) — a provider of integrated logistics, sustainment and modernization support primarily in Australia.

More About Northrop Grumman's Heritage

Northrop Grumman Logo Heritage

Legacies and Logos

The foundation of Northrop Grumman is built on a multitude of companies coming together over the past 90 years.

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Our Founders

Our heritage includes companies that pioneered advances in technology and changed the world.
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Did You Know?

Past, present and possibly future historical moments generated from the integration of more than 20 companies.

Collier Award Trophy

Northrop Grumman and the Robert J. Collier Trophy

Throughout our history, Northrop Grumman, our heritage companies and our industry partners have been honored to receive the Collier Trophy on several occasions. Northrop Grumman congratulates our employees and team members for the success of these programs and their role in the security of our nation and its allies.

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