Our Founders

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Visionaries who laid the foundation

Northrop Grumman’s rich heritage includes almost two-dozen legacy companies that pioneered dramatic advances in technology and changed the world. These include transporting Charles Lindbergh across the Atlantic, landing astronauts on the moon, creating advanced electronic systems and information networks and building stealthy flying wings. The leaders shown below were some of the many visionaries who laid the foundation for what is today’s Northrop Grumman Corporation.

Jack Northrop


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Thomas V. Jones


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Kent Kresa


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Leroy Grumman


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Walter Evans


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Claude F. King


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T. Claude Ryan

Ryan Aeronautical

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Charles "Tex" Thornton

Litton Industries

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Simon Ramo


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Dean Wooldridge


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Burt Rutan

Scaled Composites

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David W. Thompson

Orbital ATK

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Did You Know?

Collier Award Trophy

Northrop Grumman and the Robert J. Collier Trophy

Throughout our history, Northrop Grumman, our heritage companies and our industry partners have been honored to receive the Collier Trophy on several occasions. Northrop Grumman congratulates our employees and team members for the success of these programs and their role in the security of our nation and its allies.

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