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It is a shared purpose for our team and a promise to our customers. We bring our curiosity and drive to do what’s never been done, whether it is at sea on land in cyber space or in outer space. Everyone has a voice here, and it takes every one of us to make the impossible a reality.

A Northrop Grumman employee inspects the James Webb Space Telescope Sunshield.

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Man sits on World War II footlocker with memorabilia.

The Case of the Missing Key

When CJ inherited his grandfather’s footlocker, he got a dose of mystery.

Black and White photo of woman working on world war 2 airplane.

A Riveting History

Grumman War Production hired its first female employee in 1942. 
Woman in production facility facing camera and smiling.

Blackboard to Blueprint

Traci said Northrop Grumman's inclusive culture empowered her to share her authentic self.
Older Caucasian man in cowboy attire poses in front of horse saddles hanging on wall

50 Years at the Rocket Ranch

Boyd Udy manages Northrop Grumman's Promontory Ranch in Utah.

An older man wearing a blue Vietnam veteran hat and jacket poses with a red-headed woman in a red Honor Flight Network shirt in front of a green and black memorial statue of three Vietnam soldiers.

A Day to Remember

Pat Cary makes it her mission to give veterans a one-of-a-kind experience.

Man lying on floor with different colored roses around his head and face.

Data in Bloom

Mark Taylor builds interactive dashboards that blend art and information.

Rosibel Diaz wears a white coat, gloves and hairnet and stands at a table in a blue-lit lab, examining a mirrored panel in her hands.

Through the Looking Glass

Rosibel Diaz grew up loving puzzles, but never imagined that would lead to bonding mirrors on the James Webb Space Telescope (Webb).

Female engineer in white labcoat sits at desk and works in lab.

Zooming In

Engineer Kate Nabours and her colleagues uncover mission-critical details that are imperceptible to most people.

 Thomas wears an orange safety uniform and a colorfully graffitied face shield while welding at an industrial workstation

Finding Rainbows in the Fire

As a welder, Thomas has a hard job, literally: he welds iridium, the second-densest material on Earth.

Diego sits at a table with model planes, a Northrop History book and an American flag.

Keeping the Spirit Alive

For Diego Silva Molina, the path to Northrop Grumman was paved by a passion for aerospace and a connection to Jack Northrop.

Man in black t-shirt using hiking sticks to climb a steep trail in a tropical jungle.

Walking the Kokoda Trail

Walking 59.6 miles in the jungle of Papua New Guinea was the challenge of a lifetime for Ben Luke.

Two women in business professional dress and red heels stand, with arms crossed, in front of a Northrop Grumman facility.

Parallel Pathways

There’s no doubt about the direction Alisa Joseph and Eboni Fotang prefer to take: it’s always forward, together.

A dragon boat with 20 rowers is shown in silhouette as it moves along a river.

Making a Splash

Visit any marina and you may spot an ornately carved wooden serpent gliding across the water.

A blonde woman in a navy suit stands in front of a white plane in a hangar.

Stepping Up for Military Families

When Jennifer Sugarman isn't supporting communication efforts, she devotes time to her “cool volunteer side gig.”

Man in baseball cap kneels, placing an American flag at a gravesite with a white cross headstone

In the Footsteps of WWII

Alan Tran’s father handed him a video camera when he was 9 years old, sparking his interest in film and photography.

Kia Ravanfar smiles with mountains in the background.

Reaching New Heights

Kia Ravanfar has climbed to the summit of Mount Everest and skied back down parts of it. 

Stephen Guine smiles while looking directly at viewer.

The Maestro

Not everyone working in defense describes their role like that of an orchestra director.

Archivist looking at media.

Curating a Lasting Legacy

Northrop Grumman has a rich history of defining possible.

Man looking up on black background.

My Word: Survival, Strength and Service

Since a young age, I wanted to protect the world.

Melvin Aguirre working on equipment in the manufacturing internship program.

Putting it All Together

A Look at the Impact of Northrop Grumman’s Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program

female in factory smiling.

A Clean Start

Anahi Solis started her journey at Northrop Grumman right out of high school in 2011.

male playing guitar

The Harmony of Engineering

Kevin has always found time for the two greatest loves of his life: music and engineering.

woman standing next to a robot.

Connecting to Community

I arrived at Northrop Grumman’s Huntsville, Alabama, site as a Southern California transplant.

u.s. navy sailor posed in front of lake.

Serving the Mission

At Northrop Grumman, we don't just respect the members of our nation's military community; we rely on them.

two race cars on track at night

Connection at the Racetrack

Connections between careers and cars brought them together at the racetrack.

technician working on telescope

Webb's Backbone

Program Manager Bob Hellekson has been with Webb’s composite structures program since the beginning.

male running through desert

300 Miles and Counting

Nervous energy charged the air as runners from all walks of life milled about waiting for the start of The Speed Project 2023.

woman smiling

Designing for a Difference

Mei-Li Hey considers her work at Northrop Grumman just one part of her identity.

female posed while sitting in chair

Into the Unknown

Two months after the invasion of Ukraine — Leyla and her husband, arrived in Pzemysl, Poland.

male with a deck of cards

10 Tricks Up His Sleeve

Allan loves pushing the boundaries of possible.
male standing against wall

Finding La Familia

"Connecting with my heritage also helped me discover my passion for STEM outreach."

three men standing with one woman sitting

Swimming with the Sharks

Vernon and Adrienne are responsible for testing an electronic countermeasures system on B-1B bomber planes.

man standing in front of plane in hangar

Nothing is Routine in Aviation Maintenance

For Pedro, no two days have ever been the same. 
Two people smiling in a selfie.

A Change of Scenery

Northrop Grumman employees reflect on their relocation experiences.

woman sitting on grass near lake

Changing Hearts

At 27 years old, Software Analyst Kathy’s life changed forever.
woman in blue jacket

Smoke and Fire

For Energetics Engineer Heather — test day — is more exciting than most.

different colored socks

Launch Traditions, Superstitions and Lore

Launch team members share traditions, superstitions and lore that powered them through liftoff, re-entry and everything in-between.

male smiling in front of rocket launch site

200 Feet Underground

Pete was roughly 200 feet underground when planes hit the Twin Towers in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001.

man in wheelchair at picnic table

The Mountain

“It’s a blessing to me to know that I am useful, every day.”

woman with long brown hair in front of green ivy wall

Advocating with Agility

I’m proud to be supporting technologies that will empower my colleagues to advocate for themselves.
Black Male Smiling

At the Helm of Aqua

Aqua and Aura are designed from the same spacecraft bus — both built by Northrop Grumman.
black woman smiling in front of computer monitors

Home Team Advantage

I want to do things that I think are both hard and fun and, often, there’s a lot of overlap between those two groups.