Flight Data Analysis Display Tool (FDAD™)

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FDAD™ is the premier test software toolset for testing embedded systems.

FDAD™ is an off-the-shelf test software toolset that is essential for productively testing real-time embedded systems. With FDAD’s multi-display capability, real-time logging, playback and data export capabilities, FDAD™ is the premier test software toolset for testing embedded systems.

With FDAD™, you can:

  • Visualize embedded events unfolding in real-time within user-designed displays.
  • Slow playback down and analyze events frame by frame.
  • Export captured data to Excel, text or MATLAB file formats.
  • Automatically regenerate FDAD’s data dictionary using innovative packet extraction technology.
  • Use FDAD’s open interfaces to interface with external toolsets to provide additional capabilities.

FDAD™ is the breakthrough embedded test solution developed by embedded software and system test engineers for embedded software and system test engineers. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Additional FDAD™ features:

  • Built-in display editor: Create custom user displays
  • Support for multiple display configurations supporting multiple displays
  • Supports open interfaces: The FDAD™ .RDF data file format is published in the user’s guide; Ethernet data logging interface is also defined in the user’s guide.

FDAD™ Pricing and Purchasing

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FDAD™ Service Packages

Initial Support

Software support and maintenance services (that is, “Software Maintenance Services” or “SMS”) will be provided to Licensee by NGSC without additional charge for the initial twelve (12) month period (“Initial Support Term”) following NGSC’s receipt of the license fees. SMS are provided to Licensee only at those Site(s) which have made an initial purchase of the FDAD™ Software. SMS will consist of remote (that is, offsite) technical support (including engineering support or consultation) via telephonic, email, or other means of communication, with such support or consultation provided within forty-eight (48) business hours of Licensee’s reasonable request for such Included Support Services on the use of the as-delivered Software or other Licensed Subject Matter. Included Support Services will mean both the Level 1 and Level 2 support processes as set forth below:

Level 1 Process

Level 1 support is designed to quickly resolve known and routine technical issues. Support engineers are trained to take end user calls/email and create a support request on the ticketing system. Once the support request is created, Level 1 engineers follow a pre-specified procedure that consist of taking users through various levels of Software and hardware checks and reset operations. This includes guiding Licensee through various Software menus, until they find the source of problem and fix it. Level 1 support process ensures that any configuration errors are fixed. If the problem cannot be resolved then the support engineer guides the user to use a work-around until the problem is raised to Level 2 and is resolved there.

Level 2 Process

Level 2 support is designed to handle intricate and escalated support issues from Level 1. Level 2 engineers review the steps taken by Level 1 support. This indicates the various checks performed and configuration at the end user system. These engineers use their product expertise and the knowledge base to debug and resolve the issues identified in Level 1. Level 2 engineers then communicate with Licensee to get technical information such as system logs, run advanced tests and advanced configuration checks. Using their expert knowledge of the product Level 2 engineers resolve most Licensee support issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the PC requirements?

The minimum setup for Windows XP SP3/Windows 7 is 2GB of memory, 512MB of hard drive space and 512MB of graphics memory. The recommended configuration is 8GB of memory, 2TB of hard drive space and 2GB of graphics memory.

What is the base OS for the OFP?

VX Works is the base OS system for the embedded OFP. Please contact us for other systems.

What kind of support is available?

Service packages are available to meet different requirement levels.

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