Meet Benjamin, a Graduate

At Swansea University, I studied 3 years for a BSc Software Engineering, then an extra year doing MEng Computing, which is basically an addition of Software Engineering. I chose this over Computer Science because of the more technical aspect that this programme offered at my University and I thought it would prepare me more for agile working. Currently I am working on a project with a medium sized team, touching a multitude of technologies which keeps the day interesting with lots to learn.

So far in the Graduate Programme, I have been given the opportunity to partake in a wide range of different courses to further my skillset within Computing. These are things that can relate to my project or something I am generally interested in. Whilst on the Graduate Programme, I am given some self-development time which I can use to explore different topic areas away from a project setting. Furthermore, the ability to be part of a team helps me learn and develop the skills I already have and it gives me a prime opportunity to learn from others and receive constructive feedback on the work I do.

Having the opportunity to talk to others, with varying levels of background knowledge and experience is something I enjoy because it has opened me up to different points of view. This is something I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do so if I wasn’t part of a Graduate Programme at Northrop Grumman.

It’s also given me new friends to talk with outside of work. It is something being at University can’t quite provide, although there might be challenging and tough days, these are all part of the work day and the sense of achievement after solving a difficult problem is fantastic.

The advice I would give people considering the Graduate Programme is; to take every opportunity offered to you and see it as a great chance to expand your contacts within the industry, expand on the interests you have and enjoy the uniqueness that the Graduate Programme provides. It is something that you will only experience once and should attempt to make the most out of it.