Virtual System Integration Lab (VSIL™)

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Virtual System Integration Lab (VSIL™)

The Virtual System Integration Lab (VSIL™) is a software representation of prime hardware, system test bench and sensor environment that enables software development and system integration on any desktop PC or server. VSIL™ is available now for commercial purchase.

Why Virtualize?

  • Avoid the 24-hour scheduling of million-dollar SILs
  • Make a Virtual SIL available to any engineer with a PC
  • Reduce the cost and dependence on development hardware and test equipment, freeing up funds for early testing
  • Conduct operationally relevant testing early in development
  • Mitigate delay risk: 84% of acquisition programs evaluated were delayed an average of 3 years due to performance problems in design testing and/or operational testing
  • Gain complete visibility into both software and hardware
  • Test errors and faults by injecting them into the system programmatically
  • Analyze faults by pausing hardware and stepping backwards through execution from a fault condition
  • Inject arbitrary synthetic scenarios
  • Provide capability for automated testing or continuous integration

Service Packages

All service packages are customized to fit our specific customers' requirements and needs. Please contact us for pricing.

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VSIL™ Frequently Asked Questions

What are the PC requirements?

The minimum setup for Windows 10 is 32GB of memory and 512GB of hard drive space.

Will the VSIL™ work on Linux OS?

Yes, the VSIL™ will work on a Linux operating system.

What kind of support is available?

Service packages are available to meet different requirement levels. Packages vary based on the needs and requirements of the end user. Please contact us for additional information.