Electromagnetic Environment Effects Services - Capabilities

EEE EMI/EMC Testing, TEMPEST Engineering, EEE EMI/EMC Engineering


  • Large chambers to accommodate a variety of test articles
  • Testing to Military and commercial standards
    • MIL-STD-461 (A to F)
    • MIL-STD-1541/1541A
    • DO-160
  • Space and Natural Environments
  • PIM (Passive Inter-Modulation)
TEMPEST Engineering
  • NSA certified test facility and certified engineers
  • Unit, system and facility engineering and testing
  • Preparation of TEMPEST control plans, test procedures and test reports
  • Design and implementation support including:
    • NSTISSAM and AMSG Specification testing
    • CNSSAM TEMPEST/01-02 NONSTOP testing
    • NSTISSAM 2-95 RED/Black Installation Guidance


EEE EMI/EMC Engineering
  • Specialty support to systems engineering for spacecraft and aircraft programs
    • Requirements development
    • EMC, ESD, Spacecraft Charging, RF and Magnetic Control Plans
    • Platform and cabling shielding and filtering design
    • System design evaluation
    • System EMC verification
  • Unit-level support to box developers
    • Unit shielding, interface filtering design support
    • Detailed EMC performance analyses
    • Development of engineering tests
    • Unit test oversight and design assessment
  • EMC Analysis Capabilities
    • SEMCAP
    • Bus Impedance
    • Coupling
    • Lightning
    • Electrostatic Discharge
    • EMC Frequency Analysis (EMCFA)
    • Intermodulation
    • Magnetic Moment
    • RF Coupling
    • Spacecraft Charging