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A rocket streak from a rocket launching into Space in front of dark cloudy sky


July 15, 2020 - 9:46 a.m. ET

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About Minotaur

With its 100% success rate, the flight proven Minotaur IV Space Launch Vehicle (SLV) provides an extremely cost-effective, reliable and capable space solution for U.S. Government-sponsored spacecraft. The combination of three government-furnished solid rocket stages, a commercial solid rocket upper stage, and Northrop Grumman’s flight-proven systems and processes provide an unmatched mix of value and performance. The integration of government motors with commercial boosters and state-of-the-art hardware is one of Northrop Grumman’s unique strengths from experience spanning several decades.

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NRO-L129 Mission at a Glance

Launch Date: July 15, 2020, 9:46 a.m. ET

Launch Site: Pad 0B

Launch Vehicle: Minotaur IV

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